Prey in a bag – this is our intention

The experts from the Westerwald have been established with successful concepts throughout Europe. For over 25 years they also produce premium dog food – and so they are also international the number one for cold-pressed dog food.

Hand in hand with nature

The foundation for his success as a Master in milling was laid already 50 years ago. His philosophy was to create products which are working hand in hand with nature. The mission is still the same – for the product itself as well as for the manufacturing. Markus Muehle does not test on animals nor uses GM ingridients and he does not use any artificial colouring or flavours. Food and supplements are produced, quatity controlled, packed and shipped several times a day at the same factory.

Fresh products and constant quality is our trademark.

Cold-pressed dog food

Markus Muehle uses only natural ingridients. Our classic product: NaturNah dog food is a dry cold pressed dog food. The selection of the raw ingridients are as important as the manufacuting prosess. At Markus Muehle only cold pressed products will be packed. This unique manufacturing process gurantees that all the important vitamins, enzymes and microorganism are staying intaked. For pampered fourlegged pets we offer now a very special recipe: BLACK ANGUS dry food – a premium product for all which know what is best!