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LUPO ACTIVE BIOTIN COMPLEX with zinc, kieselguhr and OMEGA-3 helps maintain a healthy coat, strengthens nails, reduces feeding. Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7, keeps skin and fur healthy. Zinc is a microelement for skin, fur and nails. Kieselguhr (rock or infusor land) is a natural, pure product rich in silicon. Fatty acids OMEGA -3 from fish, flax and hemp seeds. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LUPO ACTIVE BIOTIN COMPLEX composition: Rice sprouts, brewer's yeast, algae, cold pressed flaxseed oil, beet slices, fish oil (white fish), cold pressed hemp oil, cold pressed evening primrose oil. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INGREDIENTS: Crude protein 17.2%, crude fat 8.7%, crude fiber 3.4%, crude ash 16.5%, total omega-3 fatty acids 2% FOOD SUPPLEMENTS / KG: Vitamins, provitamins and biotin-like substances 300000 mcg micronutrients: amino acid zinc chelate, 1800 mg amino acids, their salts and analogue hydrate: DL-methionine 5%

ADDITIONAL / KG: Kieselguhr 9.7%

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LUPO AKTIV Biotin Complex - 400 g

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