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A balanced and stable intestinal microflora is needed to maintain your dog’s regular and healthy digestion. A healthy gut is important not only for an active immune system but also for a dog’s health. The probiotic cultures contained in this product (Bacillus subtilis) are intended to stabilize the intestinal microflora and the dietary fiber from psyllium shells and fermented herbs are required to maintain a probiotic-friendly medium. A stable and balanced intestinal microflora is also reflected in your dog’s vitality.

Product information "LUPO AKTIV gastrointestinal complex"


In pellet form to support normal gastrointestinal function.

+ Probiotic cultures (Bacillus subtilis) - to stabilize the intestinal flora

+ Dietary fiber - from psyllium husks and special plants

+ Fermented herbs - for further probiotic support

For a regular and good digestion, your dog needs a balanced and stable intestinal flora. A healthy intestine is important for an active immune system and thus also for the overall health of the dog.

LUPO AKTIV MAGEN-GARM COMPLEX contains particularly carefully selected ingredients with valuable fiber, secondary plant substances and special lactic acid bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) to stabilize the intestinal flora. Leaf stomach and rumen ensure 100% taste. Your dog will love it. A stable and balanced intestinal flora is also reflected in the vitality, life energy and performance of your dog. Support for the intestinal flora can be useful during and / or after:



other gastrointestinal problems

an acute gastrointestinal infection

Treatments with antibiotics



high physical exertion


For accompanying therapy in case of Giardia infestation Colitis gastritis Gastrointestinal inflammation Inflammation of the pancreas

Composition: Leaf stomach, rumen, fermented herb plants 27.00%, cold-pressed hemp oil, milk thistle seeds, fennel, chamomile flowers, olive leaves, psyllium husks

Ingredients: Crude protein 39%, crude fat 9%, crude fiber 11.5%, crude ash 8.9%, calcium 0.76%, phosphorus 0.38%

Zootechnical additives / kg: Intestinal flora stabilizers Bacillus subtilis C-3102 DSM 15544 (4b1820) 12 x 109KBE

Feeding recommendation (daily):

up to 10 kg body weight 1/4 - 1/2 measuring spoon

up to 20 kg body weight 1/2 - 1 measuring spoon

up to 30 kg body weight 1 - 1 1/2 measuring spoons

up to 50 kg body weight 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 measuring spoons

up to 80 kg body weight 2 1/2 - 4 measuring spoons

Очень хорошая добавка.У меня английские бульдоги с чувствительным ЖКТ,часто бывает расстройство желудка. Достаточно трёх-четырёх дней и всё приходит в норму. А самое главное,что не вызывает аллергию.
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LUPO AKTIV Magen-Darm-Complex - 400 g

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