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LUPO MoorLiquid

This is a pure and natural peat moss extract with organic active substances, which provides essential nutrients to your pet's body. This animal food supplement is a 100% natural liquid consisting of peat moss and fennel in solution.

The 100% natural ingredients in LUPO MoorLiquid help with:

  • The regulation of gastrointestinal activity
  • Improved digestion
  • Stimulation of blood generation
  • The optimisation of grooming


6.70% silica, 1.14% iron, 0.12% aluminium, 5.50% calcium, 0.40% magnesium, 0.22% phosphate, 1.27% ether extract, 0.75% non-water-soluble nitrogen, 1.35% readily water-soluble protein, 4.20% sparingly water-soluble protein, 0.43% sulphur, not in the form of sulphate, 2.58% carbon dioxide, 19% oils and resins, 8.21% water-soluble organic substances, 13.10% humic acid, 4.00% humus by-products, 13.90% lignin and humin, 0.35% sodium, 1.65% hemicellulose, 2.95% cellulose.

Recommended dose

Target animal Daily dose
Small dogs and cats 1 teaspoon
Medium dogs 2 teaspoons
Large dogs 1 tablespoon
Horses 3 tablespoons
Rodents 1/2 teaspoon
Birds 1/2 - 1/4 teaspoon

Key features of LUPO

All LUPO products use natural ingredients and undergo strict quality controls.

In addition, all products are always:

  • Free from animal testing
  • Free from colourings and preservatives
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients
  • Free from inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate, rock dust and feed lime
  • Free from heavily digestible vegetable products such as clay, shells, soy extracts and wheat gluten
  • Free from vegetable protein extracts
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sņi eda paši pat no kartotes laizīja, kaķiem gan nācas iemasket konserva..
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LUPO Moorliquid - 500 gr

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SKU: LM-D1141
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Use for stomach and intestines
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