UAB Luposan Baltic carries out the return and / or exchange of goods in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania “Daiktų keitimas ir grąžinimas”.

The buyer’s requirement to replace the product is satisfied if the product has not been used, has not been damaged, its consumer properties have been preserved, and it has not lost its appearance, and the buyer has evidence that he purchased the product from this seller. If you are not satisfied with the shape, size, color, pattern or composition of the product you purchased, and the product has not been used, it is not damaged and has not lost its appearance, then the product can be replaced with a similar one within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.

When replacing or returning the goods, the buyer sends a written request to the address, which sets out his wishes.

The application is accompanied by a contract of sale of goods. The product is returned in an agreed manner and to the agreed address.

If we do not have the right product - the buyer can return the product and get a refund. Money is returned by bank transfer to the client’s personal account within ten business days.