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Supplement for puppies

Analytical constituents

crude protein 22.20%
crude fat 21.00%
crude fibre 0.15%
crude ash 8.20%
calcium 1,05%
phosphorus 0,75%
sodium 0,55%
lysin 1,75%



Nutritional Additives / kg:

Vitamins, pro-vitamins and similar substances:

Vitamin A 24.800
Vitamin D3 4.100
Vitamin E 205
Vitamin C 305


Trace elements:

Manganese, glycine manganese chelate hydrate 31
Copper, copper (II) glycine chelate hydrate 8.2
Iron, iron (II) glycine chelate hydrate 102
Zinc, glycine zinc chelate hydrate 46
Iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous 0.23
Selenium 0.21


Feeding recommendation


Stir puppy milk with a whisk in hot water (55°C) well and lump-free.Let the milk cool down to body temperature, before feeding it.

Mixing ratio

Volume based: 1 part (measuring cup) milk powder + 1.5 parts of water

Weight based: 30g milk powder with 100ml water (example: 100g milk powder + 330ml water results in 400ml finished puppy milk)

Daily feeding recommendation per kilogram of bodyweight:

  • until week fourth à 230ml finished puppy milk / kg
  • until week eighth à 180ml finished puppy milk / kg

In the first weeks the daily amount of puppy milk needs to be shared in 8-10 rations, then decreased to 4 rations a day.

Please consider that feeding recommendations are only reference values.

This information is calculated to the latest scientific findings, but should be necessarily customized to the need of the dog. Individual differences and conditions like race, age, height, activity, environmental influences etc. have to be considered.


Store in cool and dry conditions.

Valid: 12 months

Weight 1000 gr/ 3000 gr

Manufacturer: Markus-Mühle GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Made-to-order UAB Luposan Baltic, reg. 304960239

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Supplement for puppies Markus-Muhle PuppyMilk - 1 kg

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