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LUPO Kräuter

Food supplement for dogs in powder form for the prevention of diet related deficiencies.

Feeding LUPO herbal power provides a basis for a healthy metabolism. It contains micro algae and may other natural components including:

Minerals, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and non-saturated fatty acids. It makes any food, however good, easier to digest and metabolize.

Administered daily, herbal power contributes to:

  • Improved nutrient absorptions
  • Healthy bone development and cartilage stability
  • Shiny coat
  • Healthy skin
  • Optimal metabolism
  • Digestive tract regulation
  • Regular natural bowel function
  • Improved natural immune response

LUPO Krauter contains approx. 75% herbs including horsetail, burdock, pansies and rose hips, approx. 20% sea algae and micro algae including chlorella algae and seeds (milk thistle, flax seed).

Recommended dosage:

Puppies: 1g/kg max.10g

Adult dogs: 1g/kg max.15g

Large dogs: 1g/kg max 25g


Herb mix. Algae (incl. micro algae), seeds


Crude protein 15.50%, crude fat 10.70%, crude fiber 17.10%, crude ash 23.80%, calcium 8.35%, phosphorus 0.33%, sodium 0.69%

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Multivitamin complex LUPO Kräuter (pellets ) - 375 gr

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